Edel O’Mahony Media is an Internet subscription service that brings the guidance of Edel O’Mahony to the world. This service is delivered in a new issue each month containing guidance from Edel and available on the fifth of the month. Each issue features an exclusive new 60 minutes worth of talks delivered by Edel, exclusive short ‘Observations and Reflections’ audio sessions by Edel.

Each issue includes a video answering subscriber questions.
In the business membership along with the monthly issue content is a unique offering of a live energetic lifestyle critic by Edel, along with discounted rates for talks and workshops for your business.

Benefits of Subscribing

The content is delivered in the various forms described above, through video and audio and your subscription allows you to access the material that fits your lifestyle. Edel O’Mahony Media is delivered via the Internet and the site is fully optimized so you can experience the content, including the talks, audios and Q&A video sessions on every platform. This gives the ultimate in flexibility, so you can take the guidance with you on your smart phone or other mobile devices.

Monthly Exclusive ‘Observations and Reflections’ Delivered by Edel O’Mahony

Each month, Edel delivers exclusive Observations and Reflections sessions. These short audio recordings bring practical guidance on leaving reacting to your external environment and becoming present in the moment of now. This will be available as a podcast.

Edel Answers Your Questions

As a member of Edel O’Mahony Media, you may submit questions to Edel. In each session per month’s issue, 3-5 questions are answered.

New and original Guidance with Edel

Each month Edel O’Mahony delivers new and original guidance through 30 minute x 2 seminars. These seminars are exclusive to members only.